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Hulk #5 Preview

Hulk #5 will be hitting stores July 23rd… it feels like it’s going to take forever (sigh). Anyways, I thought I’d throw up a quick preview of the issue.

Thor missed the whole World War Hulk arc, but he’s back and ready to throw down with the Crimson Colossus. Hulk #4 ended with “to be continudeth” (continudeth? I know your joking Jeph!) so we don’t really know if this will be the Olde English speaking Thor, or the current one, either way though, I’d put money down Mjolnir isn’t enough to stop the Red Hulk. Two covers will go on sale at the same time, one being a Coipel variant cover (very cool). Check them out for yourself below.

There’s been a lot of chatter about this fight on several message boards, one of the leading theories I have to agree with… is that Red Hulk will battle Thor (of course) but it will end abruptly (similar to several other battles in this series) when the Green Hulk wakes up and comes charging back in (possibly in his “raged” up, more powerful state) – ending issue #5 with a good setup for the final showdown between Green and Red in Hulk #6. What do YOU think?

UPDATE: 7-7-2008

Just came across an interview over at IGN featuring Marvel editor Mark Paniccia. The article is a little dated but he did happen to mention this…

“all I have to say about the Thor fight is that it’s going to be brutal. When I first read Jeph’s script my jaw fell to the ground and rolled down the hall. The art is coming in and Ed is drawing the $@#% out of it.”

Sounds good to me!