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Who is the Red Hulk? The Mystery Continues!

There has been a lot of speculation concerning who the Red Hulk (and rightly so!) really is, I’ve mentioned it before myself. I figured to the best way to go about this is to put together a list of clues, and see where it goes from there… UPDATE: 10 out of the 13 “clues” I put together point to Leonard Samson, most in a not so subtle way, I’ve highlighted the explanations in red and amended the list accordingly. I have to say though, there’s just so $*#&ing much that says it’s Samson, that I still think there is going to be some kind of shocker/twist in the next few issues.

Clue #1 Samson is part of the initial investigation, and he seems to be sure it’s the Green Hulk, he seems to know exactly how it happened. Explanation: Yes he’s a good shrink but he knew exactly how it happened.

Clue #2 Samson has full access to Gamma Base. Explanation: Matches up with clue #8.

Clue #3 S.H.I.E.L.D. designed a gun to fit Hulk/Red Hulk’s hand.

Clue #4 In Hulk #1, Samson leaves Ross and Quartermain because he “thought he heard something”, after which the Red Hulk appears again. Explanation: It would only make sense for Samson to vanish right before the Red Hulk goes crazy.

Clue #5 Red Hulk could have easily killed She-Hulk, but didn’t. Explanation: Doc Samson had She-Hulk as a long time patient.

Clue #6 Banner says this new Hulk must’ve had previous Gamma exposure, he compares him to an overloaded battery. Explanation: Samson was exposed to the same type of radiation that mutated the Hulk (in the past, hence his green hair), although the length of his hair has always determined his strength… I don’t know why it’s short but it does look similar to the Red Hulks cut.

Clue #7 In Hulk #3, after Banner requests the murder weapon (the gun that shot Abomination), he whispers something to Ross, the only world that is partially intelligible is “HULK”. Iron Man is VERY interested to know what Banner said to Ross, although Ross declines to give ANY information.

Clue #8 Red Hulk has full access to Gamma Base. Explanation: Matches with Clue #2.

Clue #9 Red Hulk insists he is not Banner several times, refers to himself as “his own monster”. Explanation: This could be interpretted several ways, so it’s not hard to say this could support a Samson theory.

Clue #10 Red Hulk cleared all files on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier with a sophisticated virus. Explanation: Doc Samson is a M.D and inventor of several medical devices, I don’t think a virus would be too hard for him to come up with.

Clue #11 Clay Quartermain was killed, he worked for Nick Fury for a long time with Agent Jones.

Clue #12 A coat belonging to Samson is found, shredded and covered in Gamma Radiation, after the Helicarrier attack. Explanation: I refuse to explain this to someone…

Clue #13 Red Hulk stated that he has wanted to kill Green Hulk (not in his Banner form, but Hulk form) for years. Explanation: Doc Samson has been trying to control the Hulk for a long time, sometimes through friendship, more often with combat. Remember at the beginning of Planet Hulk’s run when Samson was on the Illuminati’s side in sending Green Hulk into space?

Got any ideas? Another clue to add on? Leave a comment! I’ll be going back and reading through Hulk 1-4 plus the King-Size again (there’s got to something I’m missing), I’ll update this post some more later.


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