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Red Hulk Figures

There are a couple good figures coming out in the next few months, I’ll give a brief overview here. We’ll start off with the Big Bad Toys exclusive 10″ Marvel Select Red Hulk pictured below. It was sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, and features a head designed specifically to match up with McGuiness’ new artwork. It will feature 14 points of articulation, and the body is the same mold as the Marvel Select Green Hulk coming out. Pre-orders are available now at BBTS, and are due to ship out this September!

Not to be outdone, Hasbro has jumped on the Red Hulk band wagon with it’s Build A Figure line, a piece of the Red Hulk will come with each figure in the wave (due out in September as well), you can find the pre-order here. One problem though… the wave is just not that interesting. You have to get all seven figures to complete the Red Hulk (duh?), they are as follows;

  • Wolverine
  • Black Wolverine
  • Union Jack
  • Black Spider-Man
  • Spiral
  • Silver Savage
  • Adam Warlock

Eh… at least the Silver Savage will be cool! Moving on, there have been a TON of customs coming out, everything from redone Marvel Select/Legends to Heroclix and Mighty Muggs. Quality definitely varies, but the nicer ones have been going for some really crazy prices, I believe the Mighty Muggs custom went for around $111. I put up pictures of some of the aforementioned “nicer” ones, enjoy – and be sure to check back for reviews once these new figures ship out in September.