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This site is intended to be a digital collection of information concerning my new favorite Marvel creation, the Red Hulk! The site will include reviews of the comics, as well as news concerning the book and related merchandise (including figures, promotional items, etc.)

I always identified with the Hulk (let’s just say we both have rage issues) and was thrilled to see a new character that could actually stand up to the Green Hulk. I will agree there are currently a lot of loose strings in the plot (like why Green Hulk is dumb again) but I have faith that Loeb will come through on these issues, and to be honest I’m very happy to see the Hulk return to his roots with the Savage persona. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Planet Hulk/World War Hulk, but that was like… well, it was like the Hulk was a completely different character. Pak is a great writer, and I will continue to read his latest (Skaar – Son of Hulk), but I can’t say how glad I am to have him off the main Hulk book. Loeb does a good mystery, and finding a way to incorporate the original big dumb Hulk into a story that feels fresh and interesting is no small feat! I think one of the biggest problems with the Hulk is that writers just didn’t know what to do with him, I believe (and hope) Loeb learned a lot after working on the Grey Hulk in terms of what fans want and don’t want.

Oh, and let’s not forget the dynamic duo of McGuiness and Vines, the pages are always exciting and extremely well done, McGuinness really has the Hulk down to a science in my mind. With issue after issue selling out, a plethora of interesting variants, and the current hype with anything Hulk, there is a wealth of good merchandise out there to grab.

I do have high expectations for this new book, and so far I’ve been very impressed. I hope you enjoy the blog and be sure to check back in soon!

– Jules


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