Hulk #4 Review

I thought I’d start things off with a review of the latest issue (I will be posting reviews of the first three over the next few days, as well as a checklist to include all known variants for those of you who are as obsessive as me!). First of all, let me say the covers are great…! I love a 50/50 printing like this with matching covers, especially for display purposes. Check them out below –

While I’m on the subject of covers, it was recently announced a second printing will be taking place, to go on sale 7/30/2008, check out this link for more information from the Comics Bulletin. It will feature a wrap around cover that will use artwork from inside the issue (specifically, the part where the Watcher gets sucker punched!).

Now, on to the review! WARNING: my reviews will contain many spoilers, please be aware! The issue starts off with the Watcher announcing his role in the Marvel Universe, now I don’t have anything against the Watcher, but his attitude always seems a little… “holier than thou” if you know what I mean? Halfway through his little speech about how it is his sworn duty to bear witness to the “critical moments” of the various races across the galaxies, Big Red does what we all knew was coming, and sucker punches him good! After beating on him for a few panels (and I mean beating, it’s not a fight… the Watcher just goes DOWN) the Green Hulk finally steps in to defend the fallen Watcher (bad idea). As the two titans clash, Red Hulk mentions how he’s “waited a long time for this” (remember, this IS a mystery and that could be a clue as to who we’re dealing with here), and the brawl commences. The Red Hulk must think he’s doing the world a service (or maybe it’s revenge?), as he mentions how the Green Hulk has been ruining other peoples lives for years. The fight goes back and forth, until Red breaks Green’s arm, after which he puts him in a sleeper hold and chokes him out. Now this appears to be the Green Hulk that gets stronger the angrier he gets so I don’t really have a good explanation for why he seemed to be getting weaker all throughout the melee, I would have expected him to just go ape%*$@ after his arm was broken… but I’ll just have to have faith that Loeb knows what he’s doing here.

Flash to New Jersey – where Iron Man is being told that Clay Quartermain is now dead. Immediately thereafter one Commander Hill informs Iron Man that a coat has been found belonging to none other than Leonard Samson! The coat is shredded and covered in Gamma radiation, obviously we’re meant to believe whoever was wearing it is the one that turned into the Red Hulk. Considering the way Loeb is pushing the readers to believe that Samson is the Red Hulk, I highly doubt it will turn out to be him. It’s just too simple… I have a feeling a BIG twist is coming in the next two issues, hopefully #5 gives us some more clues, I’d really like to be able to make an accurate guess before the identity is revealed (issue #6 I believe), I mean isn’t that the point of a mystery, to put the clues together yourself BEFORE the writer tells you the answer?

Anyways, we go back to the Red Hulk who is now standing above the Green Hulk, having dragged him to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, ready to execute him with his pistol (?!) but before he gets the shot off Greenie wakes up and bites (ouch) the gun in half. The two go at it some more, with Red Hulk coming out on top once again, this time throwing the Green Hulk off the bridge while declaring “there’s a new Hulk in town”. It appears after the unsuccesful execution a few panels back, Red Hulk has satisfied himself with just proving that the old Hulk is no longer the strongest. “There’s no one that can beat me!” he proclaims, and in classic comic book style, the next page has the Thor pop out of no where to contest that statement! Next issue looks like it’s going to be Thor vs. Red Hulk, I wonder if San Francisco will survive…?


  • Writing 7/10 (Still too many loose ends Jeph!)
  • Art 9/10 (McGuiness and Vines… I’m always impressed)
  • Cover 10/10 (Gotta love a matching 50/50 printing)

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